Facebook 5* – I took my dog here for seizures, and Dr Karen was the vet we saw. She was awesome!! Very kind to Copper and knew what she was talking about. Long story short-Copper had ran off for a couple weeks and had been without seizure meds, and the other clinic we were going to told me it was ok to leave him off the meds since he was not seizing. But he started seizing again and Dr K and techs said a pet can never go without seizure meds. They took great care of my other dog too. We will continue to be regular clients here.

Facebook 5* – This place is amazing and so is their staff, I don’t care what anyone says. Their office is always clean. The staff treats your pet like their own. Their prices are ridiculously affordable to the point of I don’t know how they stay in business. The staff is always super friendly. I would never go anywhere else. And I have used them my whole life as well as my parents my grandparents . They are all amazing at this office!

Google 5* – This place is Awesome! Since we moved to Panama City I’ve taken my 3 dogs to a few vets in the area, but they were mostly about money and I wasn’t impressed with them. One of my dogs developed a cough so I decided to take her here, the staff was very professional, concerned and took the time to answer all my questions. They don’t take appointments so I was a little concerned, but they got me back in a timely manner, the nurse came right in, followed by the doc then we were done and best of all it was affordable! I’ll definitely be taking all my dogs here from now on! Thanks Parkway for running a business the way it should be.

Google 5* – I have never in my life been treated with such kindness from any kind of professional or staff as the care me, my husband and my pet receive at this location!
This facility is first come, first serve – no appointments. So more often than not, there is a wait to see a doctor. It generally isn’t based on your income or time of arrival, it’s based on the type of service needed and priority. So just as if you were taking a trip to the bank or the DMV, make time in your day for this visit instead of parading around and complaining. It upsets the animals, the people waiting and their children, as well as the staff. These individuals work tirelessly to provide physical care to animals and emotional care to their families day in and day out; all the while keeping it the most affordable place in the area.

Facebook 5* – Parkway Animal Hospital is amazing!!!! They have taken excellent care of our sweet Boston Terrier “”Stella Bella””. When we adopted her she was HW +, unfortunately, but each time I visited I was greeted by Robert at the front desk. He is VERY kind, caring, and helpful. I am so thankful for his patience that he shows with all customers and he is very thorough in explaining procedures, medications and treatment for pets. It was his kind smile and happy demeanor that eased my worries about our sweet girl. The waiting lines can be long but I try to schedule visits on days that aren’t as busy for me. I would highly recommend Parkway Animal Hospital!!

Google 5* – My dear little dog was attacked by a Pitbull on February 24 this year(2018). The excellent care, concern and compassion shown by the Dr and staff were amazing and so appreciated. Thanks to them, Ferrous survived! I am forever grateful. Kim Watson

Facebook 5* – They care, they help, only place I’ll take my pets too!

Facebook 5* – I’m so grateful for all you do for ourpets. Without your great prices we could not afforded to get our baby taken care of. Best of all was the care and compassion you have for the pets. Thank you so much

Yelp 5* – We got a recommendation to bring our adopted pet here since they had her vaccinations on file already. It’s a long drive for us coming from the other side of the beach by the 79 and it’s worth every second. The staff is SUPER sweet and I got the vibe that everyone there loves their job. Pepsi and I both forgot her leash the last 2 times we made the drive out there and no one made us feel bad for it. Instead they offered a loner leash so I wouldn’t have to squat in the waiting area holding on to Pepsi’s collar. We’ll be back when Pepsi is due for her next visit!

Yelp 5* – We are new to this area and we’re  recommended to here by a friend. No appointment needed for shots and a check-up. I was expecting a long wait but that wasn’t the case. They are very efficient and we were in very quickly. All the staff were very friendly and my favorite part about this place was my bill. I’ve NEVER walked out of a vets place with a bill this cheap. I’ve never been to a vets office where they weren’t trying to push all kinds of extra stuff on you or guilt you into things you didn’t want. We will definitely be back!